The MWW Workshop has been working steadily over the last six years, servicing all MWW vehicles and plant and Equipment. While the CDEP program continued up until 30 June 2013, the MWW Workshop was able to maintain most CDEP purchased community assets, when possible.

Throughout this time Ian Pateman (MWW Mechanic) has remained with MWW working long hot hours with a small and under resourced mechanical workshop. To Ian’s credit he has continued with MWW and was able to mentor both Mat Murray and Stanley Till jnr over the last three year, with both men now successfully qualified MOTOR MECHANIC’S!!!!!

We would like to congratulate both Matt and Jnr and acknowledge their fantastic achievements. We would also like to thank Ian for his ongoing support and caring mentoring assistance in seeing these two men complete their mechanical apprenticeships.

MWW is nearing the planning stages and soon to begin the construction of a new multi-purpose workshop, where hopefully many more valley people can achieve their goals and learn new skills. This workshop is being designed by NBC with huge input from both Ian and Mat in the layout and design.


Matt Murray chuckles when asked how old he is.

“Man, I’m 42, I’m an old bloke!” he laughs.

But age has not wearied him or stopped him achieving his long-time goal of becoming a fully-qualified mechanic, thanks to Marra Worra Worra who took him on a few years back as an apprentice.

“My boss kept on saying, ‘come on, come on’ and I kept on thinking that I was way too old (for an apprenticeship),” he said. “Now I know that he was right and I’m so glad that he convinced me to get on board.”


Along with Stanley Jnr Till, who also got his mechanic’s ticket in February, Matt is very proud that he “stuck with it” and “got there in the end”, especially now that there’s an economic downturn and lots of changes to RJCP and CDEP policies.

Working alongside his son, Floyd, whom he hopes will follow in his footsteps and also get an apprenticeship through Marra Worra Worra at some stage, Junior and Matt are kept busy servicing a large fleet of vehicles and machinery, such as tractors, graders, backhoes and, of course, the battalion of Toyotas that rumble across the Kimberley.

Sitting in the busy Marra Worra Worra workshop, Matt says he felt “a weight lifted off my shoulders” when he secured his ticket in March.

“The key thing is to stick to the job, finished what you started and you’ll get there,” said the mad Dockers supporter.