RJCP- Remote Jobs and Community Development


On 1 July 2013 the program RJCP began replacing the former and CDEP. RJCP differs to CDEP in many ways.

CDEP as a destination, not a pathway. School-leavers moving onto and staying on CDEP. RJCP focused on job placement (i.e. in non funded employment).
Grant funding program, payment from the government up front to run programs. Payment for services provided by RJCP (performance based fees). No Funds up front.
Non-competitive. Local community based organisations deliver CDEP. MWW had submit a competitively tender to provide services, including against non-Aboriginal organisations.
CDEP support for Community projects without any external testing of benefit, need or effectiveness. Support for community projects (to meet local needs) will need to be negotiated as some other alternative and/ or demonstrate community benefit.
Low level of focus on business development. Stronger and more focused support for commercial business development
DEP Wages is paid by Marra Worra Worra and gives it some control to assist communities with productive outcomes from their investments. The majority of RJCP Participants will move to Income support paid by Centrelink which will have a profound impact on productivity levels in communities.
CDEP funded many more positions through its capitals funds which it receives for the last three years of the program for CDO’s, Mentor Coaches (Project Officers) and Mentors on community. About 20 positions. All funding for CDO’s and CDEP Mentors were de-funded with RJCP.
MWW received a service fee through CDEP to employ all other staff such as the CDEP manager, receptionists, bookkeepers, accountant, CSM and CEO, and mechanic and funds to run MWW to purchase stationery, pay power, water, phones etc. Through the RJCP program MWW’s service’s fees almost halved.
MWW also received Community Development funds and Work Readiness funds through CDEP. The CD and WR funds were replaced with one lot of fund called “Participation Funds” and once again is less than the combined CD and WR funds that CDEP provided.
In the past CD and WR funds were paid to MWW up front to spend on communities and participants training courses and materials. With the RJCP Participation funds, MWW does not receive these for communities until after it has spent it’s own funds and then enters the invoices for materials and training into the RJCP computer program for reimbursement.
CDEP participant rules were largely set by MWW. RJCP, has its own set of many new rules and participation requirements of each job seeker’s.

There are many changes from CDEP to the new RJCP ,including all the new rules and participation requirements for the job seeker’s (not CDEP participants), which includes contact with MWWRJCP staff at least once a month.

If there is no contact from the RJCP job seeker then this has to be recorded, just like centrelink. No contact , then wages are suspended until contact is made.

We the staff at MWW hope that after this first 12 months of the new program we will see new successes and better working relationships with communities and other local organisations as the program develops.


Carlisa Roe –  RJCP Manager

RJCP Co-ordinators;

Dan Vincent- Employment

Lena McGinty- Job Seeker Services

Shona Johanson- Activities

Wendy Jeffries-Youth

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