Fitzroy Financial Counselling


This of course is historically the absolute core business of Marra Worra Worra and remains a large and important part of the organisation’s functions. The organisation still looks after 20 Community Chuck-In accounts, as well as HACC to name but a few.. Marra Worra Worra still also helps individuals with their banking, tax file numbers mail and also tries to assist in whatever way the organisation can. Hopefully everyone has met Monique.

Monique Achterberg is MWW’s Financial Services and Counselling Officer. Monique more that happy to help anyone

and everyone with their financial needs. Monique looks after the MWW Community chuck in account’s and Financial Services and Counselling,

This is provided to our members in the following services;

•Accounting services and Budgeting
•Financial Community Management Networking with other agencies
•Superannuation enquiries and payout
•Negotiation with creditors – Loans and credit cards
•NILS loans  All banking issues
•HUGS Grants – Education to reduce electricity loans
•Referrals – legal advice to provide information,
• DCP, Police, Centrelink.
•Water Corp – Paying debt and education to reduce water bills
•Department of Corrections – Helping clients with family on parole.